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Fedelta is a Point of Sale software package that boasts speed, ease of use, reliability and an extensive range of powerful features. The touch screen solution provides the flexibility to customize the POS terminal to suit your individual needs. Fedelta allows you to run your business with existing processes providing the opportunity to place greater focus on your customers.

The solution provides staff with the necessary tools at the Point of Sale to deliver unprecedented customer service. Processes are streamlined to eliminate confusion, decrease the time required for staff training and create a more efficient way of working.

Learn how Fedelta can improve your POS operations

Flexible Ordering Modes

Fedelta caters for:
• Quick Sale Service
• Tab and Table management
• Pickup and delivery
• Lay-by
• Held Sales

Each mode provides support for:
• The ordering of quick touch items
• The recognition of barcoded product
• Searching for products
• Scale integration for weighed items

Complete Pricing Control

A selection of features are available in order to tailor the solutions to your pricing requirements. Unlimited Pricing Levels and Product Specials can be utilised form the Point of Sale.
This includes the ability to
• Specify an override
• Fixed markup
• Fixed markdown
• Percentage mark up
• Percentage markdown
Creating schedules ensure that customers are paying the right prices at all times.

Staff Management and Access Control

Decide exactly what staff can and can't access. User identification can be determined by user pin, magnetic swipe cards or proximity watches. The Point of Sale provides a convenient location for staff to enter their shift details. The simple click user interface ensures a simple approach and accurate records.

Reliable and High Performance Platform

It is essential to run your POS solution on a platform that you can rely on. This is why Fedelta provides organisations with stable, fast performing and feature rich systems. Intelligent features such "Offline" mode ensure that you are trading at all times.



Key Features
Superior Touch Screen Display
  • 15" LCD display featuring 1024 x 768 resolution
  • PCT (Capacitive) technology to improve image quality
  • 5-Wire capacitive touch screen technology for increased reliability and accuracy
Durable and Stylish design

The Fedelta P6300 has been specifically designed to withstand the difficult conditions of the hospitality industry

  • IP64 Dust and Spill Resistant front screen
  • Robust aluminium chassis design for extra strength and extended lifespan
  • Stylish rimless front panel
Technical Information
  • Equipped with Intel Core i3-2120 3.3GHz processor
  • DDR3 SO-SIMM memory delivering better performance
  • Dimensions: 368 x 324 x 264mm
  • Integrated Magnetic Swipe Card Reader
  • Option to integrate a Two Line Customer Display

Fedelta P600
side of Fedelta P600
Two Line Customer Display
Magnetic Swipe Reader

POS Stock Management

Access to stock management from Point of Sale is imperative for maintaining accurate stock records. Wastes, Stock Transfers and Sale Voids can be easily accessed and utilised, this decreases the likelihood of employees delaying or avoiding the recording of events.

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Perfect platform to grow your business. This package has the core features for a low investment.

  • Core Features
  • Quick, Simple & Easy
  • Low Upfront Cost
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For organisations who require more functionality from their Point of Sale.

  • Advanced Features
  • Live Inventory Management
  • End to End Solution
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Enterprise has been specifically designed to cater to multi-outlet businesses and franchises.

  • Multi-Outlet
  • Centralised Control
  • BI & Reporting
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