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Australia's iconic XXXX Brewery was established in 1878. Embracing its position in Australia's history, the Brewery opened for tours. These tours were established to showcase the science and art behind creating truly remarkable beers, and to provide a rare insight into the 130 year history of the iconic brand. The XXXX Ale House and Brewery tours provide each and every customer with a unique and memorable experience.


To complement the Brewery tours, XXXX Ale House has a fantastic Bar and Restaurant, unique Function Facilities and a Merchandise and Memorabilia Retail Store.


XXXX Ale House conducted an in depth review of its existing Point of Sale solution to assess if the system was effective and efficient for current operations and fulfilled key requirements. Specifically, the XXXX Ale House required a single solution that would manage a breadth of diverse business foundations, including Brewery Tours, the Bar and Restaurant, Function Facilities and Merchandise sales. As XXXX Ale House is part of Lion Nathan, the Point of Sale solution also needed to work efficiently within the broader company’s existing regulations and policies.

Due to the competitive and dynamic nature of the industry, the Point of Sale system needed to be flexible to ensure that it would grow and adapt with business.




On a one to one basis, the Commercial and Operations Manager of XXXX Ale House and Fedelta Point of Sale representatives analysed the specific business requirements and future growth plans of the company. Based on this information Fedelta Point of Sale developed a solution that comprised of the following:

  • Point of Sale Terminals were installed throughout the Bar and Restaurant, Function Facilities and the Retail Store to manage front of house operations.
  • Fashion Matrix was integrated to manage the retail section of the business. This fashion specific module was designed to streamline product setup and inventory management, and provide specialised reporting functionality.
  • Stock Control, Portable Data Terminals and Barcode Printers were incorporated to facilitate efficient and accurate stock management across all diverse business foundations.
  • Back Office was installed to streamline back house operations and provide management with powerful, detailed and timely reporting tools. Back Office allows results to be broken down or consolidated across the different business outlets. This provides management with detailed information about the different business foundations as well as an overall view of the business.
    • Integrated solution that is easy for staff to use
    • Superior reporting functionality
    • In Depth business insights
    • Flexible solution that grows with the business.




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