Fedelta now integrates with Oracle’s OPERA PMS

Oracle OPERA Integration

Fedelta’s powerful point of sale platform is now certified for use with Oracle Hospitality’s OPERA Property Management System

Hotels worldwide use Oracle Hospitality (previously Micros up until 2014) to manage their operations, and OPERA Property Management System (PMS) is widely accepted as the industry’s leading enterprise solution. And it’s commonly believed that if you want to use OPERA, you’ll also need to use Oracle’s own point of sale (POS) system, Simphony POS, in your food and beverage service areas.

However, what you may not know is that Oracle also certifies third-party applications that integrate with OPERA, provided they meet stringent testing criteria. And Fedelta are proud to announce that it our Enterprise point of sale system is now listed as a Certified Third-Party Interface to OPERA, so you can use our full suite of features at your hotel’s food and beverage outlets with the added ability to charge directly to rooms and manage customer accounts.

To begin a room charge from your Fedelta POS terminal, simply swipe the customer’s room card or look them up by name or room number, print their authorisation receipts, and click to authorise the transaction. All the details will be automatically sent to OPERA and automatically included on the customer’s bill.

Fedelta’s new seamless integration with OPERA is easily configurable and highly flexible allowing you to specify 16 different product categories which items can be consolidated into the reporting to OPERA. Fedelta can also provide a detailed default account code mappings configuration to OPERA which considers both the POS terminal the transaction occurs on alongside the service type of the transaction e.g. retail sale, table service, takeaway, refund, etc. Everything you need is synced from your Fedelta point of sale to the OPERA PMS.

The OPERA POS Interface for Fedelta empowers hoteliers to rapidly deploy fully customised POS terminals to new locations and outlets within their premises. With our certified POS solution, Fedelta now offers it’s power and flexibility to hotel and resort venues using the OPERA Property Management System with the benefit of a supported and certified, seamless integration.

Contact the Fedelta team for more information about the Oracle Hospitality OPERA POS Interface for Fedelta Point of Sale.